I am Whole and Complete

“You are already integrated. Not on the periphery – on the periphery there is much turmoil. You are fragmented on the periphery. Move inward, and the deeper you go, the more you will find that you are integrated. There comes a point, at the very innermost shrine of your being, where you suddenly find you are a unity, an absolute unity.”


I’ve spent much of my life thinking I was “broken”, not really knowing how to deal with my full range of emotions, or how to cope when hardships come to pass.  It’s taken me quite a bit of mental work over the recent years to figure out how to constructively express anger or to just sit with disappointment, or even how to care for myself in a way that feels genuine.

As I align myself with my center, my intuition, my inner guide (my inner goddess even?), I realize how much easier life seems.  As I turn inward, and explore the depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and perspective I already posses, from my own life and from those who have touched my life, I feel a sense of security in knowing that I already have the tools I need to not only deal with life, but to thrive in it.

I now understand that I was never “broken”; I never needed fixing.  I just needed to get to know myself, the me inside, and to tap into this tremendous source of calm, love, and unity.  No matter how shaky life gets on the outside, I am as whole and complete on the inside as everyone else.


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